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It's 2012, where is my flying car? 1.0 was released in 2002. At that time, Windows XP was brand new and the first iPod with hard disk was seen as a revolution. 10 years later, what has changed in the computing world? And what has changed in the OpenOffice/LibreOffice world? And more importantly, what can we learn for the future?

Lionel Dricot
17.Oct.2012 from 11:30 to 12:30
60 minutes

Details of the Talk

Exactly ten years ago, 1.0 was released. In the 2002 era, the only big competitor on the desktop was the Microsoft Office operating system. Indeed, in 2002, Windows was only a way to launch Microsoft Office from which you could handle your documents, your email, your planning by abusing Excel and many more.

What has changed in 10 years for OpenOffice ? A new name, a foundation, new contributors and a saner codebase.

What has changed in 10 years in the external world ? Everything. From the clouds to tablets, from high speed internet everywhere on your phone to social networks.

If Microsoft Office is still a competitor, a lot of users are now switching to online office (Google Docs) or to no office suite at all because it's not needed to play Angry Birds.


In this talk, we will explore the past in order to learn the present and prepare ourselves for the future.

What are the real challenges that LibreOffice is facing? Does LibreOffice still make sense in our mobile/connected computing era? How to become a leader instead of trying to catch on with competitors? What should we keep in mind? And what is the ultime answer to THE question?

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