Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences


The Infrastructure of the LibreOffice Project [Infrastructure]

Alexander Werner (Freelance Infrastructure Administrator, The Document Foundation), Florian Effenberger

Most free software projects happen in a virtual environment, and build on a joint cooperation of many contributors worldwide, breaking barriers of language, culture and time zones - something that would have been unthinkable with the technology available 20 years ago. Essential to the success of any such free software project is a reliable and scalable infrastructure that grows with the community and scales based on its needs. Being one of the largest free software projects worldwide, the LibreOffice community was challenged with providing a professional infrastructure from the very first day. Following our principles, nearly all components solely rely on free and open source software. We not only build on third party components, but also develop many of our infrastructure tools on our own, and make them available to the worldwide community, while at the same time contributing to projects we make use of. This talk gives an overview on the infrastructure of the LibreOffice project and how it provides the playground the community and the software need to grow and flourish.

Thursday from: 10:00 ~ to: 10:30

The Infrastructure of the LibreOffice Project

Setting up Release-Baseline Build Environments [Infrastructure]

Christian Lohmaier

The talk will give a short introduction about what the baseline for the various operating systems are, and how to setup one with virtually no effort. The talk will be mostly done by playing back a screencast demoing the creation of a virtual machine followed by the installation of the build-environment with live commentary that can be speed-up/cut to ~any length.

Friday from: 10:00 ~ to: 10:30

Slides not available yet

LibreOffice Website Infrastructure [Infrastructure]

Christian Lohmaier

On last year's conf I held a similar talk, but tried to squeeze in too much in short time, so it was kind of chaotic in the end and I think people couldn't follow.. So this time I would focus exclusively on the template-language and php-hooks, and ignore everything about the CMS-Backend/user-interface.

Friday from: 11:00 ~ to: 11:30

Slides not available yet

What is tinderbox? / Setting up a Tinderbox [Infrastructure]

Christian Lohmaier

While setting up a tinderbox is not a difficult task, there are some conventions that should be followed when setting one up. The talk will cover a tinderbox-admin's duties, and present the various command frameworks that are available.

Friday from: 15:00 ~ to: 15:30

Slides not available yet