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Translation of LibreOffice Guides (in Two Languages in Parallel) [l10n]

Miloš Šrámek (Programmer and researcher in the area of medical image processing), Stanislav Horáček

Documentation has traditionally been a problem in the open source / free software world. This is fortunately not the case of LibreOffice which is equipped with a comprehensive help system and, moreover, six guides each comprising hundreds of pages. The guides were, of course, written in English. While there are many English speakers around, translating the guides to other languages may help more people and eventually bring in new LibreOffice users. We started with the translation of the Getting Started (GS) guide to Slovak more than a year ago. After translating a few chapters of the GS 3.5 guide simply by overwriting the English text with the Slovak one, the GS 4.0 guide was published. We realized that we were not able to reuse the old translations and started to think more earnestly about the translation process. Having considered several tools, we finally decided to switch to the CAT (computer aided translation) system OmegaT. It is free (GPL) software that supports the OpenDocument standard and collaborative translation based on a subversion/git repository. Later we joined forces with the Czech LibreOffice localization team, hoping that we can take advantage of the fact that Czech and Slovak are very similar languages by employing machine translation to speed up our work. It the presentation we will give an overview of our bilingual translation workflow and will address important issues, hurdles and how we overcame them. We hope to be able to bring with us the translated Guide in the hope that we will encourage other teams to reuse our know-how (and some scripts, too).

Thursday from: 11:30 ~ to: 12:00

Translation of LibreOffice Guides

Overview of Localization Infrastructure of LibreOffice [l10n]

Andras Timar

This will be a short introduction to the localization infrastructure of LibreOffice, the setup of the source tree, where the tools are, what code fiddles .po files in what way, etc. I will also talk about the edge cases, such as Android and iOS, and about the challenges that localizers have been facing.

Thursday from: 16:00 ~ to: 16:30

Overview of Localization Infrastructure of LibreOffice