Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences


QA Roundtable [QA]

Bjoern Michaelsen

What we achieved, what we need to impove. Brainstorming and coordinating the next two releases: LibreOffice 4.4 and 4.5.

Wednesday from: 13:00 ~ to: 14:00

Slides not available yet

Tools for QA [QA]

Florian Reisinger (Unaffiliated)

This talk is about the tools for QA, SI-GUI for Windows, Bibi-GUI (at the moment in only) and some features for bugzilla and more. [If Rob agrees he might tell something about the future of BSA, maybe our new bugzilla --> "more" ;) ]

Wednesday from: 15:00 ~ to: 15:30

Slides not available yet

QA Mission Plan : Where we are Headed in 2015 [QA]

Robinson Tryon (QA Engineer, The Document Foundation), Joel Madero

Notorious legends of LibreOffice QA, Joel Madero and Robinson Tryon, will co-present this roundup of QA Team activities in 2014 and preview of future directions for the Team in 2015. By the start of the LibreOffice Conference, we hope to have our own instance of Bugzilla running on TDF hardware, active Bibisect repositories for all of our major platforms, and an improved approach to testing daily builds. If we haven't completed the entire list by September, we'll give a brief rundown of what's left and what hurdles we've faced along the way! During this talk we'll cover a raft of new ideas and proposals that we've tried or will be trying over the course of the coming year, including:

  • Improvements to Bugzilla
  • New QA tools, including a Bibisect GUI
  • Suggestions for team recruitment
  • Cross-project "Bug-bees"
  • Involvement of QA in the newly-formed Document Liberation Project
  • A recap of QA Team activity at the US Summer Hackfest

Wednesday from: 16:00 ~ to: 16:30

QA Mission Plan : Where we are Headed in 2015

tb3, Tinderboxing and Testing [QA]

Bjoern Michaelsen

There is ongoing work in making our tinderboxes less archaic and more useful. This talk gives an overview of progress to far and a prospect on what is to come using our tinderboxes, gerrit and unittests. This is a follow up to:

Thursday from: 10:30 ~ to: 11:00

Slides not available yet

Measuring LibreOffice Interoperability [QA]

Dushyant Bhalgami (QA Architect, Synerzip Softech Pvt Ltd)

Over past year many of the users, companies & government organizations have shifted towards the LibreOffice as LibreOffice has allowed the support for file formats like OOXML. But only this support is enough? No, we have to make LibreOffice truly compatible with Microsoft Office OOXML format. In past 8 months, Synerzip has invested tremendous resources to measure the improvements of LibreOffice interoperability, the way LibreOffice imports and exports DOCX documents. In this talk we are going to discuss the work that Synerzip has put to measure the improvements of LibreOffice interoperability. In addition, demo of existing automated scripts will be presented as well as next level of automated scripts to measure the LibreOffice interoperability one step further will be discussed. Topics of Discussion:

  • Visual Comparison
  • Results of Visual Comparison
  • Visual Comparison Challenges
  • Non-Visual Comparison
    • XML Level Comparison (FCT - Feature Comparison Tool)
    • Calc Comparison Engine
    • Impress Comparison Engine
  • Non-Visual Comparison Challenges
  • Demo of the existing automated test framework to measure the LibreOffice interoperability

Friday from: 13:00 ~ to: 14:00

Measuring LibreOffice Interoperability